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Junk Racer

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hilux 051

My car as it sits now my dad would be so proud,


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rwb 1

Evening testing

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progre 027progre 023

Been doing a bit of this latley with Jase and Nick, using the panda 86′s.
Must look odd seeing two of these cars together at night.

Soda Stream

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The Family whip!
For sale to new car coming!

Taupaki Production

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Thanks to Olly for putting the video together, really like this vid!

86 Day from Taupaki Productions on Vimeo.

86 zeroclass Video

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NZ 86 Day from max fouhy on Vimeo.

Big ups to Max from zeroclass for video!

doll repairs?

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So my daughters doll broke and Jase and myself were having a few beers,
thought we would fix it for here, the legs had come away from the body so we drilled some holes and added some cable ties……..
Picture 001

Then looped them through and tightened them up
Picture 002
Picture 004

Trimmed cable ties. job done!!!!
Picture 005


Brads old car

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hilux 031

So a good friend of mine Jase (Number 2) brought Brads AE86
Brad unforunatly had to sell but will definetly be buying another!
It will be complied very shortly………..


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taupo 2