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Tarran —  2013/02/09 — 1 Comment

twig t

Twig is under a rebuild, we are preping the car to compete in an endurance race, we will bring update as we progress with this!

Dubai TaNk

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Nick x90 beater taupo, thanks to uncle Paul for photo


S club’s new beater

Tarran —  2013/01/22 — 4 Comments

Nick got a new one, he is parting out his old D1 car which is a shame but it wasn’t getting used and wasn’t road regd.

86 junk

4 months on………

Tarran —  2013/01/22 — 1 Comment

junk 86

Thanks to iheartstance for photo from the 86 meet months ago

86 update

Tarran —  2012/08/08 — 1 Comment

Pic off front rad support fitted and painted

tarran 028

All headlights lined up etc

tarran 012


Tow car 101

Tarran —  2012/08/08 — 2 Comments

Next step was off to the my dads shop to weld new radiator support on and align the

Headlights and Grill etc i was stuck for a tow car so Lada  (block edition) to the rescue!

tarran 013

Actually happened, it didn’t like it that’s for sure…….



The re-shell

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So some of you no i re-shelled  my car, others may wonder why it looks like junk…….

I brought a good shell and started the mega job of the swap first job was to get the cars side by side and go from there.

tarran 015

tarran 018

Removing form old car

tarran 016

New shell ready to receive heart.

Massive job doing this but worth it!


Will keep this shit regular been busy with general stuff making progress were it counts

Keep checking back soon

Photo Roo @ Stayclassy

s club

Advertise Her, Be a man.

Tarran —  2011/12/18 — 1 Comment

taupo 026

Love this car and driver, this is how its done.

cr41 main jet 188, MSD rev.9800rpm, F.195-50-15 NEOVA R.195-55-15 NEOVA(YOKOHAMA) TRD5speed &5.375final gear ratio 296-10.5mm SAKURAI-cam, 82mm TODA piston.